Student Services

Undergraduate students studying in CIU's library.

Student Services provides the support CIU students need to remain focused on pursuing a life serving Christ while achieving academic excellence.

Students and their parents, and all guests to our biblical university, can rest assured they’re safe and secure. Campus Security officers are engaged and alert, and patrol the grounds 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

CIU students also have access to quality care, walk-in appointments and affordable medications through Health Services on campus.

When you need quiet time to study, our library has several study rooms available. With a student I.D., you can also check out a laptop to use while inside the library for up to four hours.

The Academic Success Center also provides accommodations on an individualized basis for students with disabilities, such as additional time for quizzes and exams in the testing center, so that all students can benefit fully from CIU’s commitment to academic success.