CIU Korntal

CIU Korntal

Korntal Campus

Did you know that CIU has a campus in Germany? The CIU Korntal is situated in Korntal, a small town just outside Stuttgart in Southern Germany. This small, but vibrant campus brings together students of different cultural and professional backgrounds, lots of missionaries, pastors, and leaders from all over the world, especially Europe, Africa, and Asia. The Korntal campus is a hub where God’s people with life and ministry experience meet, study, reflect, and grow together.

CIU Korntal

Currently the following degrees are offered at CIU Korntal:

As a CIU student you are welcome to take individual courses at CIU Korntal towards your degree.

Courses are offered fully online or online with just one week on campus — making it possible to continue your life, work and/or ministry without major disruption while pursuing a degree.

Magnus GroßmannIf you are interested in joining our vibrant community of professors and students from around the world, please don’t hesitate to contact Magnus Grossmann, our academic advisor, for more information.

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